Handbook of Spatial Statistics edited by GELFAND, A. E., DIGGLE, P. J., FUENTES, M. and GUTTORP, P.



Handbook of Spatial Statistics

(A. E. Gelfand, P. J. Diggle, M. Fuentes, and P. Guttorp, Editors)

Daniel Commenges

Computational Statistics

(J. E. Gentle)

Thomas Lumley

Bayesian Missing Data Problems: EM, Data Augmentation and Noniterative Computation

(M. T. Tan, G.-L. Tian, and K. W. Ng)

Alessandra Mattei

A First Course in Bayesian Statistical Methods

(P. D. Hoff)

Dalene Stangl

Environmental and Ecological Statistics with R

(S. S. Qian)

Andrew Finley

A Modern Approach to Regression with R

(S. J. Sheather)

Mervyn G. Marasinghe

Exercises and Solutions in Biostatistical Theory

(L. L. Kupper, B. H. Neelon, and S. M. O’Brien)

Scott S. Emerson

ggplot2: Elegant Graphics for Data Analysis

(H. Wickham)

Leland Wilkinson