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Graphics for Statistics and Data Analysis with R by KEEN, K. J.



Graphics for Statistics and Data Analysis with R

(K. J. Keen)               Michael Friendly

Hidden Markov Models for Time Series: An Introduction Using R

(W. Zucchini and I. L. MacDonald)               Peter Guttorp

Bayesian Adaptive Methods for Clinical Trials

(S. M. Berry, B. P. Carlin, J. J. Lee, J. J. and P. Muller)          Say Beng Tan

SAS and R Data Management, Statistical Analysis, and Graphics

(K. Kleinman and N. Horton)               Juan P. Steibel

Numerical Analysis for Statisticians, 2nd edition

(K. Lange)                Maria Rizzo

Statistical Methods for Disease Clustering

(T. Tango)                Lance A. Waller

Brief Reports by the Editor

Survival Analysis Using SAS: A Practical Guide

(P. D. Allison)

Design and Analysis of Quality of Life Studies in Clinical Trials

(D. L. Fairclough)

Nonparametric Statistical Inference

(J. D. Gibbons and S. Chakraborti)

Stochastic Processes: An Introduction

(P. W Jones and P. Smith)