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For the first time, JFSE has the opportunity to publish an essay by the Creuss Award winner. Everyone (from new teachers to experienced old hands) who teaches will find something they can use in Professor Wrolstad essay. We also are publishing a brief history of the Education Division to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Division. This piece also includes some provocative commentary on the future of food science education from several former chairs of the Division. Jim Bird's column has become one of the most downloaded pieces of JFSE. This issue's column provides some links to internet tools for assessing student learning and brief summaries of a number of recently published articles that should be of substantial interest to our readers. For those of you who have missed Daryl Lund's editorial in JFS and CRFSFS, you will want to pay attention to his comments about impact factors and IFT's peer reviewed journals. Impact factor, in my opinion, is not an appropriate measure for JFSE. We are looking at what quantitative indicators would be appropriate. Perhaps, article downloads will be that measure.

This issue's original research includes research involving students outside the normal university. Beffa-Negrini and others' “Development and Evaluation of an Online, Inquiry-based Food Safety Education Program for Secondary Teachers and Their Students” will be of interest to our growing readership who work in secondary schools as well as university educators interested in online teaching. Anding and others' “Self-reported Changes in Food Safety Behaviors among Foodservice Employees: Impact of a Retail Food Safety Education Program” provides insight into evaluation of food safety education programs.