Health Professionals' Attitudes and Educational Needs Regarding New Food Processing Technologies



ABSTRACT:  This project evaluates the attitudes of food and health professionals to 3 new food processing technologies that have been developed to respond to consumer demands such as superior taste, longer shelf life, higher nutritional content, health benefits, and environment-friendly processing. Educational brochures for high pressure (HP), pulsed electric field (PEF), and ohmic heating (OH) processes were developed based on the current literature and consumer information needs. An internet web survey was conducted to determine information needs of food and health professionals and to assess their satisfaction with the data provided in the educational brochures. Health professionals hold a positive attitude toward HP, OH, and PEF. No negative attitudes or discomfort were reported. More people indicated they were very comfortable with HP than any other technology, and as a consequence this technology received the highest scores of likeliness to be included in health professionals' recommendations.