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Welcome to JFSE's new platform! In the seemingly never ending world} of mergers and acquisitions in the publications industry, change is inevitable. With our new platform, we have acquired capabilities that we didn't have before. This opens up new opportunities for JFSE to publish your work. First and foremost, we will soon have the ability to host video. Look forward to the publication of animations and video that you will be able to use. As always, JFSE is open to submissions that push the envelope and expand the portfolio of what we publish. If you have an idea for a JFSE submission and would like to get some pre-submission feedback, I encourage you to send me an email.

Thanks to Jim Bird for putting together a list of journals where JFSE articles have been cited:

Advanced Composite Materials

Advances in Physiology Education

Biological Control

British Food Journal

Crop Protection

Food Research International

Health Education & Behavior

International Journal of Technology and Design Education

Journal of the American Dietetic Association

Journal of Chemical Education

Journal of Food Engineering

Journal of Food Science

Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior

Journal of Philosophy of Education

Journal of Thermal Stress

I am very pleased to see the Journal of Chemical Education (JCE) included in this list as the JCE premiere journal in our group. The breadth of the list is quite impressive. This is a credit to the quality and diversity of articles. Be sure to look at this issue's articles and Jim Bird's column.