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Happy New Year! We hope that one of your new year's resolutions was to write and submit an article to JFSE. It is an exciting time for us as we publish the first issue of Volume 8. We will soon publish some animations that you can use in your teaching. We look forward to your submissions that challenge traditional journal thinking and take advantage of our web-only format. As always, I am willing to preview any potential submission if you have questions you'd like answered before submission.

In this issue, we have the second essay from a Cruess Award winner. Make sure you read the piece by this year's winner, Stephanie Doores. For all of you former winners who received the award before we began this tradition, we invite you to submit an essay. We also have the essay from the winner, Judy Smith, of the Education Division's Student Essay Contest. Perhaps you want to encourage your students to read it and submit an essay for this year's contest (http://www.iftsa.org/competitions/other/IFTUndergraduateWritingCompetition2009.pdf). Scott and others' article on the effectiveness of a consumer education program on fresh produce safety addresses a very hot topic. Pivarnik and others' assessment of food safety knowledge of high school teachers of special needs students points to yet another group we have not served well. What does your university offer in the way for food science education for teachers? Ron Wrolstad's submission, “Maraschino Cherry – A Laboratory – Lecture Unit” provides something that could be incorporated into a number of courses. Finally, Jim Bird's column gives us yet another glimpse of some useful sites and articles that we have missed. Why don't you drop Jim and email pointing him to some of your favorites?