Editorial: Spring is Here!


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Spring is Here! For those of us in the northern part of the US, we are enjoying new things popping up in our yards, new birds coming to our feeders and the ever increasing day length and average temperature. Many of you are making final arrangements for the Annual Meeting in Anaheim. We hope that those of you presenting education papers will submit these to JFSE.

This issue brings yet another innovation to JFSE. We are publishing a paper by Shelly Schmidt on freezer burn that includes an animation that you might find useful in your teaching. This should be a reminder to our readers that, as an online journal, JFSE has the capacity to do many things that a paper journal cannot. Many of these we have not yet thought of and we encourage you to contact us if you have an idea and want some feedback before submission. In addition to Schmidt's paper, we have 3 additional articles in this issue and Jim Bird's column that points us to some resources we would have otherwise missed.

See you in Anaheim in June!