Educating a New Generation of Students


As I am writing this editorial, a new class of freshman are enjoying (I hope) the excitement of their first day of classes at the university. At my university and, I suspect, at most of your universities, this incoming class has the highest academic metrics of any class who has entered before them. They also bring a very different skill set than students who entered 5 years ago, not mention the sets that “fossils” like me entered with. Could or should we design evaluations in our courses that allow students to have free access to smart phones during exams? What would an oral exam be like with the student able to utilize those fantastic thumbs to retrieve facts from anywhere in a heartbeat? What is the baseline of information that we should require all students to know? Unfortunately, you will not find the answers to all of these interesting questions in JFSE, but we do have some related pieces. If you would like to speak out on some these topics, we would consider publishing a guest editorial.

In this issue we are publishing the latest “IFT Resource Guide for Approval and Re-Approval of Undergraduate Food Science Programs” and an introduction written by Wayne Iwaoka that explains the history. For those who haven't been involved with the approval and re-approval process, Wayne's introduction should be especially enlightening. We also have an article by Paxman and others, “Motivation, Confidence and Control; Unraveling Active Learning for Nutrition and Food Undergraduates” that is of particular interest as we think about changing our curricula for today's students. Neal and others’ article “Identifying Food Safety Concerns when Communication Barriers Exist” provides an example of how we can improve our students’ ability to communicate across cultural and language barriers. Jim Bird's column, as always, provides a glimpse at some internet resources and articles that you might find useful. Several of these relate to K-12 science education which dovetails well with our virtual issue, “Resources for K-12 Teachers” at If you haven't looked at this compilation issue, please take a look.
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