With this issue, the Journal of Food Science Education begins its 2nd decade of publication. The journal has published a wide variety of articles and educational materials. Some of these have been really ground breaking, innovative submissions. Our readership has grown substantially every year, but our submissions have not grown substantially. We need your submissions! In addition to your submissions, we would really appreciate your suggestions as to how we might encourage others to submit. If you have colleagues who are doing something innovative, please encourage them to submit an article. For those who are unsure if we would be interested in their proposed content, I welcome direct email correspondence (

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with new faculty about research and publications. One of the suggestions provided was to set aside a time for writing every week. Put this on your calendar and don't schedule over it. One of the attendees told the group that she saw a substantial increase in her productivity after she decided to turn off her email, phone, and so on when she was writing. Another suggestion was to ask the question, “What do I need to generate a publication from this project?”, before you begin the project. This is particularly relevant to many curricular innovations that could be the basis for a JFSE submission. With today's emphasis on demonstrating outcomes, there is an easy progression to producing what you need for an education paper. You can probably find someone in the teaching center at your university who can assist you with the evaluation and would be very willing to be a co-author. inline image