A New Era for IFT's Journals

Daryl Lund is passing the reins (Editor-in-Chief) of IFT's Scientific Journals to Allen Foegeding. For the past 9 years, Daryl has provided outstanding leadership for the journals. The growth in the stature of the journals is a direct result of Daryl's vision and leadership. His imprint will remain of the journals much like the imprint of the batik on his famous sport coat. Thanks, Daryl. We will miss you.

Allen Foegeding will be the new Editor-in-Chief. Allen will undoubtedly bring a new and different perspective to the journals. If you have ideas about how IFT's journals could be improved or if you would like to be more involved in the journals, now would be a good time to communicate these to Allen. Of course, I am always glad to receive your ideas and comments about JFSE.

In this issue, we have 3 articles in addition to Jim Bird's column. Be sure to check out Jim's column as it always has a number of links to useful resources. Jeffri Bolscheid and Stephanie Clark report the analysis of a survey of graduates and employers and compare these results with a previous study. It may be very useful to look at their findings on competencies and see how these compare to data from your program or your perception of your program. Harris and others’ article, “Positive Effects of Converting a Food and Bioprocessing Analysis Course to an Inquiry-Guided Approach”, provides a comparison of student evaluations from the traditional food analysis lab with those obtained from an inquiry-guided approach as well as other findings that could encourage you to explore converting your lab to an inquiry-guided approach. Schmidt and others’ article, “Using Food Science Demonstrations to Engage Students of All Ages in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)”, will be of particular use to K-12 teachers looking for an exciting demonstration of science that can be used to augment teaching of some the principles required in the national science standards. Of course, these demonstrations will work elsewhere as well.

Finally, before the weather becomes too nice, why don't you finish that manuscript and submit it to JFSE?

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Grady W. Chism

Scientific Editor, JFSE