Editorial: Changing Education


The featured article in this issue is “Alignment of Assessment Objectives with Instructional Objectives using Revised Bloom's Taxonomy – the case for Food Science and Technology Education” by Jideani and Jideani. They report on review of the whole curriculum. Not surprisingly, they found that the expectations of instructors didn't match the assessments used. As we strive to have our students do more higher-order learning, we need to make sure that our assessments also test higher-order thinking. With the explosive growth of student enrollments in food science departments, the disincentives for doing assessments that are time consuming will increase. We are sure that some of you have developed innovative ways of doing assessments and we hope to see those innovations submitted to JFSE.

This issue also includes a Letter to the Editor that addresses the future of food science education and the Institute of Food Technologists. Be sure to read it.

Jim Bird's column points to some publications that would of particular to those teaching food chemistry. Of course, he always identifies articles of interest to the broader community as well. Finally, we have a review of a new book by Rob Shewfelt, Becoming a Food Scientist – To Graduate School and Beyond.

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