• Manfred Kroger Ph.D.

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“Our youngest journal author with the best paper in CRFSFS ever,” this is how I have praised to others a most unusual manuscript in this issue. YOU MUST READ IT and be equally impressed. It is “Oh, What Those Oats Can Do” by Robert Fitzsimmons, a Harvard Law School student who prepared this report under the tutelage of Peter Barton Hutt. It is subtitled “Quaker Oats, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Market Value of Scientific Evidence 1984–2010.”

The subject matter, Quaker Oats products, is most certainly familiar to everybody. How food composition, marketing, and human health are interrelated is a less well understood and often confusing topic. Fitzsimmons explains here that only through the evidence gained by scientific research, and aided by an uncluttered regulatory apparatus, can the food marketplace function rationally.

As with 2 previous Harvard student papers (Burrows 2009; MacDonald Sandoval 2009), we again have allowed a deviation from our format guidelines. It turns out that reviews of a historic nature do read much better when references and annotations are numbered instead of called out in the text. As long as Mr. Hutt teaches his food law course at Harvard every January we hope to glean the field after him and pick useful and noteworthy fallout.

Many of you have taught or are still working with students, and all of you have written. You must agree that reading a paper as the one being highlighted here is an absolute joyful intellectual experience and assuring that our future is in very good hands.

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