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Postpartum Teaching Regarding Infant Care, Behavior, and Characteristics: A Study


  • Annmarie Cupoli M.S.,

  • Beverly Gorvine M.S.,

  • Miriam Horwitz M.S.,

  • Elizabeth Kudzma M.S.,

  • Sister Michael Joseph Midura M.S.,

  • Sandra Mott M.S.,

  • Karen Schwoerer Ramos M.S.,

  • Joellen Watson M.S.

  • This study was undertaken when the investigators were graduate students in the Maternal Child Health Program at Boston College. It was begun in January 1968 and the actual research was conducted in the fall of 1968. The study was submitted for a research seminar in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Science degree granted to each of the investigators in June 1969.