Overview of Breast Cancer Treatment and Reconstruction for Primary Care Providers


  • Nicole Carlson CNM, MS,

  • Joyce King CNM, PhD, FNP

Nicole Carlson, CNM, MS, Joyce King, CNM, PhD, FNP, Emory University School of Nursing, 1520 Clifton Road, Atlanta, GA 30322. E-mail: Nicole.carlson@emory.edu or Jking01@emory.edu


More women are diagnosed and treated for breast cancer today than at any time in the past. New technologies in the treatment of breast cancer and breast reconstruction are changing morbidity and mortality realities for women diagnosed with breast cancer. Primary care providers in women's health care can provide valuable support, education, and advocacy for their clients who are dealing with breast cancer. This article reviews current breast cancer treatment guidelines, information on breast reconstruction after cancer, and primary care recommendations for post-breast cancer care.