Thinking About Thinking in Family Therapy


  • This article is based on a chapter of the book Evolving Models for Family Change: A Volume in Honor of Salvador Minuchir edited by H. Charles Fishman and Bernice L. Rosman, to be published by Guilford Press (New York) in April 1985.


Epistemological comparison reveals congruence between the reality-defusing thought rules of new science, Batesonian evolution, and ecosystemic thinking with families and family therapy. These rules provide a base for a technology of therapy in which the therapist functions as a benign detective, seeking out with the family and others the event-shape in time-space (the Storey) that contains the reported distress. Intervention consists of action that adds to the Storey in a manner designed to alleviate the distress. A Storey is presented that illustrates the difference between medical, paradoxical, and ecosystemic interventions.