• methods;
  • King;
  • organizations;
  • power

Purpose: To describe the Sieloff-King Assessment of Departmental Power (SKADP) instrument and the psychometric evaluation of both the SKADP and its revision: the Sieloff-King Assessment of Group Power within Organizations (SKAGPO) instrument.

Design: A survey of 357 chief nurse executives in the United States to psychometrically evaluate the SKAGPO.

Methods: Psychometric evaluation of the SKAGPO included: (a) internal consistency reliability using Cronbach's alpha coefficient, split-half with the equal-length Spearman Brown Correction Formula, and item analysis; (b) concurrent criterion-related validity; and (c) factor analysis.

Findings: Cronbach's alpha coefficient for the SKAGPO was.92. Subscales' alphas ranged from.63 to.88. Item-total correlations ranged from.24 to.68, with an average item-total correlation of.48 (n = 334). Concurrent criterion-related validity was supported.

Conclusions: The SKAGPO and the related subscales showed initial reliability and validity.