Review of Studies of Healing Touch


  • Diane Wind Wardell,

  • Kathryn F. Weymouth

  • Diane Wind Wardell, RNC, PhD, Zeta Pi, Associate Professor, University of Texas Houston Health Science Center, School of Nursing; Kathryn F. Weymouth, PhD, Psychotherapist in Private Practice; both in Houston, TX. Correspondence to Dr. Wardell, University of Texas Houston Health Science Center, School of Nursing, 1100 Holcombe Blvd. 5th Floor, Houston, TX 77030. E-mail:


Purpose:To review studies of healing touch and its implications for practice and research.

Design:A review of the literature from published works, abstracts from conference proceedings, theses, and dissertations was conducted to synthesize information on healing touch. Works available until June 2003 were referenced.

Methods:The studies were categorized by target of interventions and outcomes were evaluated.

Findings and Conclusions:Over 30 studies have been conducted with healing touch as the independent variable. Although no generalizable results were found, a foundation exists for further research to test its benefits.