• NANDA;
  • NIC;
  • NOC;
  • cognitive map;
  • classification;
  • electronic patient record

Purpose:To describe the methods used in design of a framework that (a) encompasses nursing knowledge, (b) functions as a cognitive map for clinicians, and (c) increases the efficiency of using the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA), Nursing Intervention Classification (NIC), and Nursing Outcome Classification (NOC) terminologies together in the electronic patient record.

Methods:The taxonomies of the NANDA, NIC, and NOC terminologies were integrated to form a preliminary structure of domains and classes. New concepts and collocations of concepts were constructed using Walker and Avant's (1983, 1988) method for concept synthesis. The framework was validated using an expert group and clinical testing.

Results:A framework organized as a taxonomy with eight domains (Physiological, Functional, Psychocognitive, Safety, Existential, Lifestyle, Family, and Environment) and 29 classes.

Conclusions:The framework has the potential to enhance the quality of nursing documentation, contribute to nursing research and education, and reduce job stress.