• job stress;
  • social support;
  • coworker support Web-based survey;
  • traditional sample;
  • Jordanian nurses

Purpose: To replicate previous results about job stress and coworkers' support that were obtained from a Web-based American sample with a sample of Jordanian nurses using traditional methods.

Design and Methods: The convenience sample of 300 Jordanian staff nurses completed the pencil-and-paper version of a questionnaire that included the Nursing Stress Scale, the McCain and Marklin Social Integration Scale, and the demographic form. The sample of the replicated study consisted of 263 American staff nurses who were accessible over the Internet and completed the Web-based version of the questionnaire. Descriptive statistics, chi-square, t test, and Pearson product-moment correlations were used to analyze the data.

Results: The American and Jordanian samples differed significantly on all demographic variables. However, they had similar patterns of responses in regard to the association between job stress and social support from coworkers.

Conclusions: The predicted comparability of findings with different methods and samples lends credence to the reliability and validity of Internet-based research.