• maternal-child health (MCH) nurse;
  • genetic information;
  • genetic testing

Purpose: To examine the rate of genetic testing, the characteristics of those who had these tests, and to examine the public's openness to the possibility of expanding nurses' roles in maternal-child health (MCH) clinics to include providing genetic information.

Design: The study was conducted in nine MCH clinics in the central district of Israel. All women attending the clinics during 1 week were requested to complete the questionnaire. The sample consisted of 361 participants.

Findings: A high rate of genetic testing (80.4%) was shown. Higher education, being secular, and native-born Israeli predicted testing performance. Half of the tested participants reported that they did not understand the test results and were interested in receiving explanations regarding these results. Forty-four percent of respondents were interested in receiving genetic information from an MCH nurse.

Conclusions: A high rate of genetic testing performance was reported. The public reported lack of information regarding genetic tests and their results. An appropriate setting for providing this information is the maternal-child health clinics.