• nursing ethics;
  • code of ethics for nurses;
  • citizen consensus conference

Purpose: To revise the code of ethics for nurses in Taiwan.

Design: Citizen consensus conference, Delphi-technique, and questionnaire survey were used in the revising process.

Methods: Citizen representatives were recruited for a 5-day citizen consensus conference to develop a first draft of the revised code. Further modification resulted from three rounds of communication with Delphi technique among experts. Three conferences for nursing professionals were conducted where questionnaire surveys were administered. The final draft was approved by the general assembly of Taiwan National Union of Nurses Associations.

Findings: A revised code of ethics for nurses in Taiwan was proposed in six parts and 27 articles including: the fundamental responsibilities of nurses (1), nurses and clients (12), nurses and professional services (4), nurses and social interactions (4), nurses and teamwork (3), and nurses and professional growth (3).

Conclusions: The citizen consensus conference was helpful in identifying the general public's expectation of nurses in the revision process. The revised Taiwanese code of ethics for nurses has new elements, including environmental protection, personal safety, lifetime learning, and self-care.