Management of Mass Casualty Events: The Israeli Experience


Dr. Hanna Admi, Director of Nursing, Rambam Health Care Campus, Haifa 31096, Israel. E-mail:


Purpose: Among all the emergency scenarios, the most common medical emergency event in Israel is the conventional mass casualty event (MCE). This article describes the Israeli model of emergency preparedness and management at the national level, step-by-step emergency management at the hospital level, and nursing roles in emergency events.

Setting: Israel has a unique national and local model of organizing and managing an emergency event, characterized by a central national organization that is responsible for emergency policy, management, coordination, quality control, and ongoing improvement.

Conclusions: Well-planned emergency preparedness training for a multidisciplinary staff is crucial. Nurses play significant roles both clinically and managerially in leading and organizing emergency events on all levels.

Clinical Relevance: Lessons gained from the special model of management of MCEs in Israel, particularly regarding unique nursing roles, may be considered for applicability in other countries.