Integrating Genomics Into Undergraduate Nursing Education


Dr. Sandra Daack-Hirsch, The University of Iowa, College of Nursing, 50 Newton Rd, 372 NB, Iowa City, IA 52242. E-mail:


Purpose: To prepare the next generation of nurses, faculty are now faced with the challenge of incorporating genomics into curricula. Here we discuss how to meet this challenge.

Organizing Construct: Steps to initiate curricular changes to include genomics are presented along with a discussion on creating a genomic curriculum thread versus a standalone course. Ideas for use of print material and technology on genomic topics are also presented. Information is based on review of the literature and curriculum change efforts by the authors.

Conclusions: In recognition of advances in genomics, the nursing profession is increasing an emphasis on the integration of genomics into professional practice and educational standards. Incorporating genomics into nurses’ practices begins with changes in our undergraduate curricula. Information given in didactic courses should be reinforced in clinical practica, and Internet-based tools such as WebQuest, Second Life, and wikis offer attractive, up-to-date platforms to deliver this now crucial content.

Clinical Relevance: To provide information that may assist faculty to prepare the next generation of nurses to practice using genomics.