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Postconference Reflections by Emerging Scholars



The editors of MAQ are pleased to present reflections from several emerging scholars on this historic convocation of the Society for Medical Anthropology, held September 24–27, 2009, at Yale University. We hope these serve to amplify and refract the preceding account of these meetings by Marcia Inhorn, whose description of the scope, scholarly locations, and organizational supports for the first-ever conference was, perforce, an insider's top-down view. The following thoughts are provided by students from Monash University Melbourne, Australia, and from Wayne State University, Michigan, who took part. Although there are worthy insights from the many students at the meetings, we hope these give a taste; publication deadlines limited our ability to include others planned. These scholars coming of age in today's medical anthropology and sharing their reflections and experiences from the conference presage good things to come from our next generation of medical anthropologists.

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