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Alexandra Jaffe (California State University, Long Beach)

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Paul B. Garrett (Temple University)

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Erika Hoffman-Dilloway (Oberlin College)

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H. Samy Alim (UCLA), Bernard Bate (Yale University), Richard Bauman (Indiana University), Jan Blommaert (Ghent University), Mary Bucholz (University of California, Santa Barbara), Steve Coleman (NUI Maynooth), James Collins (State University of New York, Albany), Joseph Errington (Yale University), Susan Gal (University of Chicago), William Hanks (University of California, Berkeley), John Haviland (University of California, San Diego), Kira Hall (University of Colorado), Jane Hill (University of Arizona), Katherine Hoffman (Northwestern University), Miyako Inoue (Stanford University), Elizabeth Keating (University of Texas, Austin), Paul Kockelman (Barnard College, Columbia University), Paul Kroskrity (University of California, Los Angeles), Joel Kuipers (George Washington University), Paul Manning (Trent University), Robert Moore (Dublin City University), Suzanne Romaine (University of Oxford), Alan Rumsey (Australian National University), Gunter Senft (Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics), Jack Sidnell (University of Toronto), Michael Silverstein (University of Chicago), Bonnie Urciuoli (Hamilton College), James Wilce (University of Northern Arizona), Stanton Wortham (University of Pennsylvania).

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The Journal of Linguistic Anthropology (JLA), a publication of the Society for Linguistic Anthropology (SLA), publishes articles on the anthropological study of language, including analysis of discourse, language in society, language and cognition, and language acquisition and socialization.


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