Pipestone Petroglyphs


Our ancestors—Dakota, Lakota, Nakota

Tribes of the Sioux—

crisscrossed the prairie to what you call

the pipestone petroglyphs.

The petroglyphs spoke to us

of The Great Flood that took our people,

save the maiden on the back of the eagle.

Our people's flesh was made pipestone.

But still we made war.

The Great Spirit came,

shaped a pipe from the pipestone,

smoked it over us as a sign for peace.

We carve and smoke the pipestone

as a pipe of peace, the calumet,

on neutral ground.

What you call the pipestone petroglyphs

were first hatched by The Three Maidens.

A pillar of smoke made a great giant

that reached between Sky and Earth.

This giant told us to

look for The Three Maidens.

At the catlinite quarries,

our ancestors made offerings of tobacco,

listened to the petroglyphs cry and speak.

There were those who could hear them,

went to take instruction from the Gods.

When we received their gifts,

we gathered the sacred pipestone

from the catlinite quarries,

took it to carve into pipes,

other wakan wares.

At the end of our visits,

we made sparks fly as we chiseled.

We left our totems for all to see.