“Nothing to Look Forward to”



    1. Centre for Health Information, Research and Evaluation (CHIRAL)
      School of Medicine
      Swansea University
      Singleton Park
      SA2 8PP, UK
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Did I tell you how I got home to Hungary?

I was freed.

War ended,

beginning of May.

Started to walk towards home,

it was a clear night at the border.

In the farmer's garden

the stars were in the sky.

They'd just had their supper

and the stars were in the sky.

A group of women from the camp,

we had to beg for morsels.

I was Jewish you see, I have my tattoo,

had nothing to look forward to.

Didn't I tell you?

I talked to God.

Arrived finally in Cardiff ‘57,

where every house is the same;

couldn't find the address,

no matter how I tried.