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Anthropology & Education Quarterly

Making Meaning of Everyday Practices: Parents' Attitudes toward Children's Extracurricular Activities in the United States and in Italy



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  1. Errata: Erratum Volume 41, Issue 2, 214, Article first published online: 23 June 2010


This article focuses on children's engagement in extracurricular activities from the perspective of middle-class parents in Rome, Italy, and Los Angeles, California. Analysis of parents' accounts captured in interviews and ethnographic fieldwork reveals that both sets of parents perceive activities as important for children's success. Yet Roman parents consider activities as part of “children's world,” downplaying intense involvement and performance. Conversely, L.A. parents view activities as preparing children for adult life, emphasizing competition and accomplishment.  [childhood, extracurricular activities, family, United States, Italy]

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