Book Reviews


Books reviewed in this issue.

Katherine Isbester, ed., The Paradox of Democracy in Latin America: Ten Country Studies of Division and Resilience.

Carlos Scartascini, Ernesto H. Stein, and Mariano Tommasi, eds., How Democracy Works: Political Institutions, Actors, and Arenas in Latin American Policymaking.

Abraham F. Lowenthal, Theodore J. Piccone, and Laurence Whitehead, eds., Shifting the Balance: Obama and the Americas.

Britta H. Crandall, Hemispheric Giants: The Misunderstood History of U.S.–Brazilian Relations.

Claudio A. Holzner, Poverty of Democracy: The Institutional Roots of Political Participation in Mexico.

Laura Enríquez, Reactions to the Market: Small Farmers in the Economic Reshaping of Nicaragua, Cuba, Russia, and China.