Books reviewed in this issue.

Edward L. Cleary, The Rise of Charismatic Catholicism in Latin America.

Gabriela Ippolito-O'Donnell, The Right to the City: Popular Contention in Buenos Aires.

Gianpaolo Baiocchi, Patrick Heller, and Marcelo K. Silva, Bootstrapping Democracy: Transforming Local Governance and Civil Society in Brazil.

LaDawn Haglund, Limiting Resources: Market-Led Reform and the Transformation of Public Goods.

Ana María Bejarano, Precarious Democracies: Understanding Regime Stability and Change in Colombia and Venezuela.

Judith A. Teichman, Social Forces and States: Poverty and Distributional Outcomes in South Korea, Chile, and Mexico.

Kathleen Staudt, Julia E. Monárrez Fragoso, and César M. Fuentes, eds., Cities and Citizenship at the U.S.-Mexico Border: The Paso Del Norte Metropolitan Region.

Jason Seawright, Party System Collapse: The Roots of Crisis in Peru and Venezuela.

Jennifer McCoy and Francisco Diez, International Mediation in Venezuela.

Sebastián M. Saiegh, Ruling by Statute: How Uncertainty and Vote Buying Shape Lawmaking.