Ethnographic Termini: Of Moments and Metaphors



Crossing and erasing the boundaries between art and anthropology, the installations organized by the Ethnographic Terminalia curatorial collective evoke both the social instability and the sense of possibility embodied in the present historical moment. Constructing a bricolage of aesthetic and scientific viewpoints while instigating public art interventions grounded in critical social inquiry, this wide-ranging group of artists, anthropologists, and curators is creating a series of mobile, transnational multimedia environments which are equally global and local, virtual, and site-specific. The concatenation of distance and presence felt in the emplacement of the works reflects the linkages of contemporary networked cybercommunications. At the same time, the activist aims and productive methods used by the participants situate the Ethnographic Terminalia project within the context of a lineage of historical art movements informed by, and often in uneasy dialogic tension with, the traditional subject matter of ethnography.