• microRNA;
  • pluripotent stem cells;
  • endothelial cell differentiation;
  • angiogenesis

Please cite this paper as: White K, Kane NM, Milligan G, Baker AH. The role of miRNA in stem cell pluripotency and commitment to the vascular endothelial lineage. Microcirculation19: 196–207, 2012.


Vascular endothelial cells derived from human pluripotent stem cells have substantial potential for the development of novel vascular therapeutics and cell-based therapies for the repair of ischemic damage. To gain maximum benefit from this source of cells, a complete understanding of the changes in gene expression and how they are regulated is required. miRNAs have been demonstrated to play a critical role in controlling stem cell pluripotency and differentiation and are important for mature endothelial cell function. Specific miRNAs that determine stem cell fate have been identified for a number of different cell lineages; however, in the case of differentiation and specification of vascular endothelial cells, this is yet to be fully elucidated.