Trypanosomes of the African Lemurs, Perodicticus potto ibeanus and Galago demidovi thomasi


  • The investigations were made at the Laboratory of Medical Protozoology and Zoology, Institute of Scientific Research in Central Africa (I.R.S.A.C.), Lwiro, (Bukavu), Congo.


SYNOPSIS. The common lemurs Galago demidovi thomasi and Perodicticus potto ibeanus of the African rain forest in Kivu province, (Congo), all showed trypanosomes in the circulating blood. On examining a number of the animals for long periods of time, the trypanosomes proved to belong to two different species, T. perodictici Reichenow (1917) and T. irangiense, van den Berghe, Chardome and Peel, 1956. These two species correspond with the two types previously seen by Hoare, (1932) in P. potto.