High-Q Microwave Dielectric Materials Based on the Spinel Mg2TiO4


  • P. Davies—contributing editor

†Author to whom correspondence should be addressed. e-mail: marjeta.macek@ijs.si


Composite ceramics based on the spinel Mg2TiO4 were prepared by a conventional mixed-oxide route. To achieve the temperature stabilization of the dielectric constant, each of the composites was added with 7 mol% CaTiO3. The effect of the substitution of isovalent Co for Mg on the microstructure and the microwave dielectric properties of the composite ceramics was also investigated. A maximum Q×f value of around 150–160 THz was obtained for the undoped Mg2TiO4, whereas a reduced Q×f value was observed for an increase in the Co concentration in the system (1−x)Mg2TiO4xCo2TiO4. Upon doping with 7 mol% CaTiO3, the Q×f value passed through a maximum with increasing Co concentration. Adding ZnO–B2O3 to the composite system based on Co-doped Mg2TiO4 resulted in a reduction of the sintering temperature by 150°–200°C without any significant degradation in the Q×f value.