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Elastic Properties of Titanium Monoboride Measured by Nanoindentation


  • K. S. Ravi Chandran—contributing editor

  • Supported by program for New Century Excellent Talents in University, China, under Grant No. NCET-04-0324.

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In order to measure the elastic properties of titanium monoboride (TiB), which are not well known, a Ti/TiB composite with 95% volume fraction of TiB was fabricated by the powder metallurgy route. After compacting mixed Ti+TiB2 powders by a hot unidirectional pressure (1200°C, 25 MPa, 60 min, <10−2 Pa), annealing at 1200°C was performed for 48 h, after which the main phase in the material was TiB. The elastic properties of TiB were directly measured by using the nanoindentation technique. The polycrystalline modulus and hardness of the TiB were 450 and 27.5 GPa, respectively.