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Preparation of a Porous Cermet SOFC Anode Substrate by Gelcasting of NiO–YSZ Powders


  • P. Holtappels—contributing editor

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A porous NiO–YSZ substrate for anode-supported solid oxide fuel cells has been prepared by gelcasting of NiO–YSZ powders using urea–formaldehyde monomers, followed by humidity-controlled drying, binder removal, and sintering of the gelled bodies. The gelled bodies had sufficient strength to remove even 2-mm-thick samples from the mold immediately after gelation. A gelcast NiO–YSZ sample sintered at 1450°C for 2 h showed an open porosity of ∼53 vol%, and the porosity increased to ∼58% upon reduction with hydrogen. Pore sizes measured on the scanning electron microscopy photomicrograph of NiO–YSZ and Ni–YSZ cermet substrates are in the range of 2–5 μm. Urea–formaldehyde polymer, present in a high amount (∼13 wt%) in the gelcast body, acts as a template for pores.