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Mechanically Activated Combustion Synthesis of β-Si6−zAlzOzN8−z (z=1–4)


  • J. Wang—contributing editor

†Author to whom correspondence should be addressed. e-mail


Fine β-sialon (Si6−zAlzOzN8−z, 1<z<4) was prepared by mechanical-activated combustion synthesis (CS) using raw materials such as Si, Al, and SiO2 in a nitriding atmosphere of 1 MPa. Mechanical activation by planetary milling for only 18 min led to the formation of β-sialon after combustion synthesis. Comparative experiments with ball milling showed that the relative amount of β-sialon was considerably increased to 66% when planetary milled to 18 min after CS. The raw material Si was replaced by waste Si of 94.8 mass% in purity, and was combustion synthesized successfully under the same processing parameters for cost-effective measures.