Functionally Gradient and Micro-Channeled Al2O3–(t-ZrO2)/HAp Composites


  • P. Brown—contributing editor

  • This work supported by the NRL research program of the Korean Ministry of Science and Technology.

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Functionally gradient and micro-channeled Al2O3–(t-ZrO2)/HAp composites were fabricated using the multi-pass extrusion process depending on the sintering temperature. The continuous pores were homogeneously formed in the second-passed samples and their size was about 180 μm in diameter. The functionally gradient Al2O3–(t-ZrO2)/HAp composites consisted of three layers, i.e., HAp/HAp–Al2O3–ZrO2/Al2O3–ZrO2. The relative density and bending strength increased as the sintering temperature increased and in the sample sintered at 1400°C, their maximum values were about 62.2% and 107.8 MPa, respectively.