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Patterning of Non-Linear Optical Crystals in Glass by Laser-Induced Crystallization


  • M. Davies—contributing editor

  • Presented at the Eighth International Symposium on Crystallization in Glasses and Liquids, Jackson Hole, USA.

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This paper reports recent progress in the patterning of non-linear optical crystals on the glass surface by laser irradiation. Two techniques for the writing of crystal lines have been developed, i.e., rare-earth (samarium) atom heat processing and transition metal atom heat processing, in which a continuous wave Nd:YAG laser (wavelength: λ=1064 nm) is irradiated to the glasses containing rare-earth (RE: Sm3+, Dy3+) ions or transition metal (TM: Ni2+, Fe2+, V4+) ions. The writing of crystal lines such as β-BaB2O4, SmxBi1−xBO3, and Ba2TiGe2O8 showing second harmonic generations has been successful. It is clarified from the azimuthal dependence of second harmonic intensity and polarized micro-Raman scattering spectra that crystal lines consist of highly oriented crystals along the crystal line growth direction. It is also possible to write two-dimensional crystal bending or curved lines by just changing the laser scanning direction. The mechanism of the laser-induced crystallization has been proposed.