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Permeability of Green Ceramic Tapes as a Function of Binder Loading


  • G. Franks—contributing editor

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The permeability of green ceramic tapes was determined as a function of binder content for binder removed by air oxidation. The tapes were comprised of barium titanate as the dielectric, and polyvinyl butyral and dioctyl phthalate were the main components of the binder mixture. The flow in porous media through the tapes was analyzed in terms of models for describing Knudsen, slip, and Poiseuille flow mechanisms. The characteristic pore size was determined to be 1–2 μm, and thus Poiseuille flow was the dominant transport mechanism contributing to the flux. The permeability was then determined from Darcy's law for flow in porous media. The permeability was also determined from microstructural attributes in terms of the specific surface, the pore fraction, and a term to account for tortuosity and constrictions.