Microstructure and Electrical Properties of (K, Na, Li)NbO3–Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 Piezoelectric Ceramics


  • H. E. Kim—Contributing editor

  • This work was supported by the Young Teacher Scientific Research Foundation of Department of Education of AnHui Province (grant no. 2007JQl148), the Project of Hefei University Talent Introduction (grant no. 600835), the Scientific Research Development Foundation of Hefei University (grant no. 07KY001ZR), and the Key Laboratory of Inorganic and Composite Materials of JiangSu Province in China (grant no. Wjjqfhxc l200703).

†Author to whom correspondence should be addressed. e-mail: yinqyi@163.com


A new type (1−x)(K0.485Na0.485Li0.03)NbO3xPb(Zr0.53Ti0.47)O3 piezoelectric ceramics was fabricated by conventional ceramics sintering technique. Their microstructure and electrical properties of the ceramics were also studied. X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy patterns indicate that all ceramics samples exhibit a pure perovskite and highly dense structure, and the coexistence of the tetragonal and orthorhombic phases is formed; The ceramic with x=0.75 exhibits the following excellent properties: d33=363 pC/N, kp=63%, Qm=142, ɛr=1590, tan δ=1.70%, Pr=28.6 μC/cm2, Ec=0.89 kV/mm, Tc=295°C. These results indicate that the ceramic is a promising candidate for piezoelectric ceramics in practical applications.