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Sintering Behavior and Dielectric Properties of Yttria/Silica-Coated BaTiO3 Material with Mn–Si–O Glass


  • E. Suvaci—contributing editor

  • This work was financially supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan, R.O.C. under contract number 97-EC-1-A-08-S1-107.

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Sintering behavior and dielectric performance of yttria/silica-coated BaTiO3 powders (YSBT) with the addition of Mn–Si–O glass (0–0.5 wt%) were investigated. The sample made with YSBT powder of 0.35 μm average particle size was fully sintered at 1300°C in 1 h, and further lowered to 1200°C with 0.2 wt% glass addition. The average grain size and secondary phases of sintered BaTiO3 were characterized with XRD and TEM analyses. The resulted dielectric properties, dielectric constant, dielectric loss, and temperature-capacitance characteristic, have been examined in air or reduced atmosphere, and discussed corresponding to microstructural features.