La2Mo2O9-Based Electrolyte: Ion Conductivity and Anode-Supported Cell under Single Chamber Conditions


  • D. P. Butt—contributing editor

  • Supported by the National Science Council, Taiwan under Project No. NSC98-2221-E-011-028-MY2.

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We demonstrate the applicability of LAMOX as an electrolyte for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) by preparing two anode-supported cells based on La0.9Dy0.1Mo2O9 and La0.9Dy0.1Mo1W1O9, and operating at 625°–700°C under single chamber conditions. The two cells, supported by a composite of NiO and Gd-doped ceria (GDC), are initialized with a porous Ni+GDC disk to catalyze the partial oxidation reaction of methane. The partially oxidized methane reduces NiO to Ni catalyst and activates the cell at 650°C. A typical membrane electrode assembly of the single chamber SOFC cell consists of a 60-μm-thick La0.9Dy0.1Mo2O9 electrolyte, an anode of Ni+GDC, and a cathode of lanthanum strontium cobalt ferrite. Its peak power measures 220 mW/cm2 at 700°C in a tubular chamber of 15 mm in diameter, with the total methane/air flow rate of 350 mL/min and CH4:O2=2:1.