A Monolithic Perovskite Structure for Use as a Magnetic Regenerator


  • B. Dunn—contributing editor

  • This project is supported by the Programme Commission on Energy and Environment (EnMi) (Contract no. 2104-06-0032) which is part of the Danish Council for Strategic Research.


A La0.67Ca0.26Sr0.07Mn1.05O3 (LCSM) perovskite was prepared for the first time as a ceramic monolithic regenerator used in a regenerative magnetic refrigeration device. The parameters influencing the extrusion process and the performance of the regenerator, such as the nature of the monolith paste and the influence of the sintering on the adiabatic temperature change, were investigated. Comparisons between the extruded monolithic structure before and after the sintering showed that an increase of the adiabatic temperature change was seen after the sintering. Furthermore, calculations show that the performance of the monolithic structure is potentially superior to a parallel plate regenerator, indicating the potential cost and structural benefit of using such structure, i.e. a mechanically stable ceramic thin wall structure, which can be produced in one processing step.