An aluminosilicate glass coating dispersed with quartz particles was prepared on Ti811 alloy by slurry technique to study its high-temperature performances. The coated and uncoated samples were exposed in air at 1000°C for 50 h, and then characterized using scanning electron microscopy, energy-dispersive spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, and microhardness depth profile. Mass gains of the samples with and without coatings were measured during the oxidation. For the samples of Ti811 without the glass coating, thick rutile-TiO2 scales were observed, within which several thin alumina layers presented. Typical oxygen permeation phenomenon was also observed. The mass gains of the samples with the glass coating were measured to be only about 1/10 of those of the samples without coatings, and the oxygen permeation phenomenon was prevented. A Ti5Si3/Ti3Al bilayer was observed beneath the coating, and believed to act as an oxygen diffusion barrier. In general, the quartz particle-reinforced glass coating provided good protection of the alloy Ti811 from high-temperature oxidation and oxygen permeation.