Highly Homogeneous Al2O3–ZrO2 Nanopowder via Microwave-Assisted Hydro- and SolvoThermal Synthesis


  • V. Bouquet–contributing editor

Author to whom correspondence should be addressed. e-mail: francesca.prete2@unibo.it


Zirconia-doped alumina nanometric powder (5 mol%) was prepared by means of microwave hydro- and solvothermal syntheses, with the use of either bi-distilled water or diethylenic glycol as solvents, respectively. The as-obtained products were thermal treated at different temperatures (400°, 450°, and 500°C) to study the phase evolution. The experimental method allows synthesis of carbon-coated zirconia-dispersed alumina nanopowders with excellent characteristics, such as very fine size, high homogeneity, no phase separation, and narrow size distribution.