Sintering Effect on Pulse Aging Behavior of Zn–V–Mn–Co–Nb Varistors


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The effect of sintering temperature on pulse aging behavior of ZnO–V2O5–MnO2–Co3O4–Dy2O3–Nb2O5 varistors was investigated. The sintering temperature did have a significant effect on clamp ratio, which exhibits a pulse-current handling capability. The varistors sintered at 900°C exhibited the best clamp characteristics, in which the clamp voltage ratio was in the range of K = 2.15–3.04 for the pulse-current region (5–50 A). The varistors sintered at 950°C in the sintering temperature exhibited excellent electrical stability against a pulse-current with %ΔE1 mA/cm2 = 2.9%, %Δα = –19.6%, and %ΔJL = 49.4% after applying the multi-pulse-current of 100 A.