Temperature Stability in Dy-Doped (Ba0.99Ca0.01)(Ti0.98Zr0.02)O3 Lead-Free Ceramics with High Piezoelectric Coefficient


Author to whom correspondence should be addressed. e-mail: zhjxu@lcu.edu.cn.


We report on excellent temperature stability of the Dy-doped (Ba0.99Ca0.01)(Ti0.98Zr0.02)O3 (BCZT-D) ceramics with high piezoelectric coefficient of d33 = 366 pC/N and planar electromechanical coupling factor of kp = 43.0%. Meanwhile, Curie temperature of the BCZT-D ceramics is found to be 125°C. Greatly improved temperature stability of the electromechanical coupling coefficients is found over a common usage temperature range between 20°C and 100°C, in which the BCZT-D ceramics exhibit pure tetragonal phase. The results indicate that the BCZT-D ceramics are promising lead-free materials for practical applications.