The HIPing of Ti–Al–1.9TiC and Ti–Al–0.2Sn–1.8TiC reactant mixtures yields Ti3AlC2 and Ti3Al0.8Sn0.2C2 solid solutions, respectively. Rietveld refinement gives a = 3.0786 ± 0.0001 Å and c = 18.589 ± 0.001 Å lattice parameters for Ti3AlC2 and a = 3.0837 ± 0.0001 Å and c = 18.621 ± 0.002 Å for Ti3Al0.8Sn0.2C2. Furthermore, about 2–3 vol% of TixAly intermetallics is detected in Ti3Al0.8Sn0.2C2 solid solution. The intrinsic hardness, measured by nanoindention tests, is 11.4 ± 0.7 GPa for Ti3AlC2 and 10.2 ± 0.6 GPa for Ti3Al0.8Sn0.2C2. Furthermore, hardness values, measured by microindentation tests, are compared with the ones measured by nanoindentation. It is shown that microindentation and nanoindentation performed with large loads lead to underestimated hardness values as several grains are involved in the deformation process. Finally, Young's modulus of Ti3AlC2 and Ti3Al0.8Sn0.2C2 is 260 ± 10 and 250 ± 10 GPa, respectively.