Controllable Synthesis of Layered Zircons by Low-Temperature Hydrothermal Method


  • Supported by Industry, Education, and Academy Cooperation Project, under Grant No. 2010A090200040 and the Foundation for Distinguished Young Talents in Higher Education of Guangdong, China, under Grant No. x2clN9100650.

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Series of intensive investigations into porous, morphologically distinctive and well-defined zircons have been conducted. Single-to-multiple layered zircons were controllably synthesized for the first time by modulating parameters of hydrothermal duration, pH, and concentration under low-temperature hydrothermal conditions. The layered zircons possess high specific surface area and micro-to-meso pore structure, which make them suitable candidates for catalyst supports applied at high temperature. The larger d-spacing and the shift of the crystal plane (200) of these hydrothermal zircons are interpreted mainly for the structural incorporation of fluorine ions and OH groups.